NDIS Consultancy

Are you preparing for transition to NDIS or are you in the process of applying for NDIS funding?
Are you anxious about whether or not you and your family will continue to receive the support that you need?
Are you tired of spending hours on hold with NDIS just to have a couple of questions answered?
Or perhaps you or your family member may require some support that is funded under NDIS, but you just don’t know where to start?
Then NDIS consulting is for you!
Not knowing what NDIS is looking for when reviewing applications could be very daunting and create a lot of anxiety and frustrations for the families, especially when they so heavily rely on this support.
We offer professional, personalised support to you and your family, while you are going through the process of applying for NDIS funding.
Some of the services you may request are:
• Consultancy
• Gathering of information
• Preparing your plans
• Interview coaching
• Advocacy
• Follow up on your application once submitted
• Help appeal an application that has been rejected
• Follow up and support on a quarterly basis to ensure the supports in your NDIS plan are still working for you.


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